HOA-Condo Expo Exhibitors

Last Minute Expo Tips

Get More People to Visit Your Booth

Land More HOA Clients

When the next show you are exhibiting at is just a couple of days away,

you need to think about how to get the best results you can.

So, here are some tips to maximize your potential.

Use your existing mailing list to announce your presence at the show

Collect as many leads as possible, even from people who may not be viable as customers in the short term.

Get more creative with food giveaways.
A 5 cent lollipop is NOT going to attract anyone!
Offer some gourmet selections i.e. European chocolates.

Offer a compelling follow up , i.e. a dinner event at a fine restaurant to people who showed a real interest.
Prepare a presentation at that dinner.

Staff your booth with the most energetic and enthusiastic people you can.
They should be standing, ready to meet and greet,
not sitting down, or busy sending emails, playing with their mobile phones or laptops.

Staff should be well dressed, well groomed, rested and
ready to create the most businesslike and favorable impression of you firm.

Man your booth until the end of the show!
Nothing turns a client off more than staff packing up an hour before closing time.

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