Components of the HOA Lead Capture system


Physical mailings to board members at their home addresses

Most listings of board members on Florida Department of state website
specifies address of  the management company or agent of record.

By comparison, our database has the actual home addresses of the board members.


Lead capturing website


We entice the website visitor to provide their contact  information with an offer
of an ebook on the topic of interest.

Two additional attempts to collect contact information are made with
delayed and exit popups.

As soon as the contact information has been obtained,
it is transmitted to you via email, SMS or both!


Push to talk or push to call buttons


Availablle for mobile users


Mesmerizing sales video


This  immediately grabs the website visitors’ attention and keeps them
engaged and reduces website bounce.


Unique Three Pronged SEO 


The site is hosted on premium URLs that are descriptive of the nature of the business.

All appropriate meta tags are added for off screen SEO.

Relevant content with appropriate key word density is added for onscreen SEO.


The most sophisticated email marketing system on the planet!


Getting people’s mailing address is a relatively simple process.  Obtaining accurate
email data  is more challenging.

We maintain our own email servers [currently 3]. In addition, we use

sophisticated,  in- house developed  algorithms to simulate human composed emails,

for high delivery rates.


H O A. Genie

The total marketing solution that you could have only dreamed about
a short while ago!

Contact us today to get started!

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